Welcome to the Homepage of the Milton H.Erickson Institutes of South Africa 

MEISA is an Accredited Service Provider for CPD workshops, facilitating training in psychotherapy since 1999. 

On this website you can read more about the Institute and its history in psychotherapy training; meet the presenters;  download the training programme; read more about the different workshops, Ego State Therapy Certification and Somatic Experiencing; download the MEISA newsletter; find links to other institutes and international congresses.

Should you have any questions or need to communicate with us please contact us via the contact us page or send an email to info@meisa.co.za or phone us at +27 (0)12 991 1472

Upcoming workshops Gauteng

1-5 August 2016 Ego State Therapy Certification: Dr Woltemade Hartman Ph.D

13 August 2016 Habits, Obsessive Thoughts and Compulsive Actions (Half day Workshop): Jenny da Silva M.Ed

30-31 August, 1-3 September 2016 Ego State Therapy Beginners Level 2: Dr Elzette Fritz D.Ed

10 September 2016, Ericksonian & EST Interventions for Public Speaking, Exam Preperations and Studying  (Half day Workshop): Jenny da Silva M.Ed

Workshops with International presenters

16-21 May 2016 SOMA 2: Marcelo Muniz (Brazil)

27, 28, 30, 31 May and 1, 2 June 2016 SE Intermediate Part 1: Dr Sonia Gomes (Brazil)

5-8, 10 and 11 October 2016 SE Intermediate Part 2: Dr Sonia Gomes (Brazil)

13-14 October 2016 Introduction to Behavior Therapy:Hans-Jörg Lütgerhöst (Germany)

18-21 and 23-24 January 2017 SOMA 3: Dr Sonia Gomes (Brazil)