ONLINE TRAUMA WORKSHOPS JUNE 2020 (Scroll down for workshop information and online registration)

Self-Regulation: Learning to observe changes in the self-regulation process of clients in psychotherapy
3 hour workshop
Date:Saturday 27 June 2020
Time: 16h00-19h00 South African Time
Fee: South Africans: R 950; International: 60 Euro

Pendulation: Pendulation as a tool of enhancing coherence and self-empowerment in traumatized clients
3 hour workshop
Date:Sunday 28 June 2020
Time: 16h00-19h00 South African Time
Fee: South Africans: R 950; International: 60 Euro




Workshop Presenter: Dr Sônia Gomes, Ph.D
Sônia has accumulated more than 35 years of work in the field of Clinical Psychology/Body Orientation and has a PhD in Clinical Psychology. She has additional degrees in Structural Rolfing® also Rolfing Movement Teaching and is  a devotee student of Hubert Godard, Movement Analysis from France. Sônia is a Somatic Experiencing International Senior Faculty Member teaching the SE™ Professional Training in Brazil, Europe, the US, South Africa, and Asia. She has designed and currently teaches training programmes that are complementary to the SE training. Sônia developed the SOMA-Embodiment programme. This programme involves understanding the functional dynamics of the Perceptive System which includes the haptic activity in order to identify the physical and emotional defences in traumatized persons. 
Workshops Abstracts

SELF-REGULATION: Learning to observe changes in the self-regulation process of clients in psychotherapy

Self-regulation refers to the balanced state of a person’s internal environment. It is the fundamental principle of maintaining life. The balance of the excitatory systems exercised by the inhibitory systems occurs throughout the nervous system and is considered one of the basic principles of self-regulation. The state of dysregulation occurs when the nervous system is hyper-activated in response to a threat, and as a consequence, the person becomes unable to remain anchored in the present and to interact healthy with others. The aim of trauma therapy is to find ways out of blocks and defenses in the body through interactive psychobiological regulation by the therapist, which facilitates the process of the client's sensorimotor and emotional experiences in the present moment. The therapist has the function of assisting the client to discover resources by enhancing autonomous behavior patterns within the cardiovascular, respiratory, visceral, muscular and emotional systems. The skilled therapist assists the client entrapped in the state of fear to dissolve the resistance. Therapists have to improve their ability to identify and observe “the signs” of dysregulated autonomic behavior patterns in order to support clients in the process of trauma healing. The therapist acts as a “co-regulator” in order to restore self-regulation which lost its plasticity during or after traumatic experiences.

In this workshop Dr. Gomes will address the following:
Basic concepts of the Neurophysiology of Self-Regulation and the role of the Autonomic Nervous System in restoring biological dynamic balance.
How to identify the signs of dysregulation and self-regulation in the client's body.

PENDULATION: Pendulation as a tool of enhancing coherence and self-empowerment in traumatized clients

Pendulation is the natural pulsation between states of expansion and contraction in the nervous system. This is a basic principle of life, seen in the ebb and flow of the ocean tides, the wings of birds opening and closing in flight, etc. A resilient nervous system is one that can move back and forth between alertness and action, and calm and rest without getting stuck at either extreme. Pendulation introduces “resourced,” states into awareness to help us develop confidence in the ability of our nervous systems to move between inverse states. We can then practice moving back and forth between more and less resourced states. Every dysregulation experienced in the body represents resistance to change. Pendulation is a key tool in Somatic Experiencing to manage the regulatory system and finding a way to discharge excessive stress. It is a tool to enhance self-empowerment in clients who are trapped in efforts of survival. Pendulation teaches us to move from a helpless and reactionary relationship between triggers and activation to an empowered and conscious relationship of resourcefulness.

“In renegotiation trauma via Somatic Experiencing we utilize “pendulation,” the shifting of body sensations or emotions between those of expansion and those of contraction. This ebb and flow allows the polarities to gradually be integrated. It is the holding together of these polarities that facilitates deep integration and often an “alchemical,” transformation.”- Dr. Peter Levine

In this workshop Dr. Gomes will address the following:
The role of pendulation in autonomic nervous system balance and self-regulation.
The role of interoception as a sub type of self-regulation to modulate the nervous system and restore the dynamic equilibrium

Technical Information

The workshop will be presented via Zoom. Participants need to have the Zoom Application installed on their laptop/computer and need to have the online capacity via Zoom to attend a 3 hour session.  The zoom link will be forwarded to registered participants 3 days before the workshop.

Attendance of the online workshop is open to registered Health Care Professionals. 

Please take note  that the attendance of the workshop does not license any professional to practice outside their official scope of practice, nor does it allow you to execute any psychological act or do psychotherapy should you not be qualified or accredited by your respective professional board to do so.